Met one of my brother’s friends today…

He didn’t believe dinosaurs existed. He seriously thought dinosaur bones were a conspiracy so that parents would pay money to take their kids to see dinosaur bones in a museum.

I asked him if he seriously thought that hundreds of thousands of scientists over hundreds of years were all part of some greater conspiracy to make money. Since, ya know, we totes have “scams” like the existence of fossils to make money. We’re all about profit. That’s why the scientific community basically has to beg the public for money to do research that will help humanity as a whole. That makes perfect sense.

Recently, my girlfriend said I was as close-minded as die-hard religious people since I do not accept and openly refute any/all religious beliefs. I didn’t say it at the time, but religious ignorance is not equal to scientific inquiry. Isaac Asimov was right.

I’m not close-minded because I say flat-earth believers are ignorant and uneducated, the same way I’m not close-minded because I say people who believe the earth is the center of the universe are ignorant and uneducated. These are commonly known facts, and those who vouch for a flat earth or earth-centric universe are commonly seen for what they are: idiots.

Making up conclusions for our existence without ANY empirical evidence is ignorant and results from being uneducated. An intelligent and progressive society cannot and will not survive in the presence of religious extremism. I love humanity too much to condone such idiocy. Believe what you will to give yourself comfort at the end of the day. Say what you need to say so you can fall asleep at night and feel safe. But do NOT think for a fucking second that your factually unsupported beliefs should be a cornerstone of modern society.